Joubugama Pottery


Since Joubu Kato, the founder, started firing the “Joubugama” pottery in 1982,
our work has been focused on fine arts and crafts, especially vases.
By studying and perfecting various glazing techniques,
we have developed and continued to use colors that are unique to Joubugama Pottery.
We have taken part in exhibitions abroad,with a large variety of our works created in Kyoto
to pass on the technique to the future generations.

How pottery is made

Kneading clay (The “Araneri” and “Kikuneri” techniques)

First, we balance out the hardness of the clay (the “Araneri” technique), and then we push out any air inside the clay to make it ready for shaping (the “Kikuneri” technique).


We use an electric pottery wheel to create the shape in a single process.

Cutting and drying

We cut the clay to finalize the shape of the product. The way we create the bottom of the product not only influences its stability, but also plays an important role in creating its overall impression. After the product is shaped, we dry it thoroughly.

Firing (biscuit firing)

Before pottery is glazed, it goes through the biscuit firing process first to make the material stronger.

Painting and glazing

The shapes that can be seen through a transparent glaze layer create a fantastic effect. By adapting the glazing technique to each particular product, such as “nagashikake” (pouring), “fukikake” (spraying), or “nurikake” (coating), we choose the most suitable style for that product. After painting and glazing, the pottery is fired one more time, which completes the process.

About Joubugama Pottery products

There are two colors that can only be seen in Joubugama Pottery products,
the glazing for which has been continuously studied.
“Vermilion,” a somewhat deep color that creates a sense of depth.
“Tricolored glaze,” fading from yellowish green to light blue and to navy blue.
In particular, the “tricolored glaze” is a technique that renders the shapes drawn
under a transparent glaze layer visible after the glaze is applied to the painted surface.
The tricolored glazing technique with fading colors requires a particularly high level of skill,
and there are only a few workers in the workshop who can use that technique.

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Project information

We carry out projects in collaboration with companies from other fields and various authors.
Also, we are currently developing products in collaboration with foreign designers,
which we plan to present at exhibitions abroad in the near future.
We are actively developing products that combine the ideas, designs, and technologies
from other companies with the pottery techniques nurtured by Joubugama Pottery.
Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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